Sunset Shimmer is from My Little Pony Equestria Girls Movies, and Shorts.

In Pony ApperanceEdit

In her pony version, she has light-tanish fur with bright blue eyes, and has a regular unicorn horn, and has yellow and red hair, has the cutie mark which is the sun setting.

Sunset shimmer by memershnick-d686don

Pony version

387933 safe solo vector equestria girls happy sunset shimmer yeah!!!!!!!!

Older version of the EG Sunset Shimmer.

Sunset shimmer friendship through the ages by mixiepie-d8nz3i0

Newer Version of the EG Sunset Shimmer.

Human ApperanceEdit

In Equestria Girls, as the older version during the two movies, the Equestria Girls, and the Rainbow Rocks Movies, she has the same hair, same eyes, but she had light tanish skin, with a black jacket, and a purple shirt, with the cutie mark in the center, she also had a skirt with the color orange, and two color stripes: purple, and yellow. As of that, she also had  black with purple color boots.

As for the newer one, according to a music video: "My Past is Not Today" her look or outfit has changed. Now in the Upcomming movie "Equestria Girls: Friendship Games" now she has the same hair and eyes, and skin. But the outfit has changed, she has a smaller jacket with orange stripes on the sleeves, she has a light sky blue and yellow dress, skinny jeans, and grey boots, with the black stripe, and orange arrow like stripes.

Other InformationEdit

  • As in history, she was evil by the first movie, but it had changed through the second movie, when she became good and nice, and along with a couple of music videos, but as in the other three music videos, her look has changed.
  • As of now, she is a student of Canterlot High School, but no longer lives in Canterlot in Equestria, since she had went towards a portal which brings her as a human, in the Equestria Girls Movies.