Simplex Alarms are a company who makes fire panels, smoke detectors, pull stations, and other stuff for fire safety.


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In 1958, Simplex had made their own clock synchronisation systems to provide accurate clock timing, and was the world industry leader in their sync clock systems. In 1960's Simplex made fire alarm safety equipment, and it was expanding rapidly. In 1970's Simplex introduces their 4207 and 4208 series conventional control panels, along with their first visual signalling devices, the 4050-80 series, also their 4251 series of pull stations. In 1976, Simplex proudly introduced their voice evacuation systems, for high-rise buildings. In 1979, Simplex introduces their 2001 series of fire alarm panels. In 1984 Simplex introduces their colored graphics to the fire alarm industry. In 1988, their 4100 series of fire alarm panels were introduced, to a modular design, and flexibility, it makes a ideal for faculties for any size and type. In 1989, they make their Truealarm smoke detectors for providing drift compensation, to maintain the sensor, allowing it for its performance, and sensitivity, from dirt and dust, it was called the 4098 series of smoke detectors. In 1992, the 4020 addressable fire alarm panel was introduced. In 2001, Simplex introduced their addressable Notification horn/strobes, and strobes the Truealert series, also Simplex was affiliated by Tyco, Tyco is a leading in fire suppression products. In that year, they introduced their 4100U fire control panels, for direct operator interference. In 2010, they have developed their Truesite workstation,a touch-screen graphical console that manages campus-wide fire alarm networks from a single location. In 2010-2011, Simplex introduced
4100ES Red Straight InfoAlarm Phone Mic

Simplex 4100ES addressable fire panel

their 4100ES, and 4010ES fire panels, with e-Services, providing connectivity, and information sharing compatibilities. In 2012, they introduced their TrueSite Incident Commander, which is a touch screen display that fits right into the fire panel, which delivers monitoring control.