Princess Celestia is from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and she is the princess of daylight.

Princess celestia


Equestria Girls Version

Original AppearanceEdit

In her original appearance, she has sparkling light colored rainbow hair, light purple eyes, white fur, and a gold necklace with a purple gem on it, and she has wings to fly, and gold shoes on her hooves, and a sun cutie mark, and she wears a crown, with a purple gem on it, and she has a long, tall unicorn horn.

Human AppearanceEdit

In the Equestria Girls version she is the Principal of Canterlot High. She has same colored hair (but not sparkling) , a yellow coat, with a purple and white dress inside it, and purple pants, and yellow shoes, and purple wirst rings on her wrists, and a sun badge on her coat of the collar of the coat.

Other InfomationEdit

  • She lives in Canterlot in Equestria, with her sister Princess Luna.
  • In Equestria Girls, she lives in CHS (Canterlot High School) as the Principal.