Princess Cadance is from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She is to be known as the princess of the Crystal Kingdom, in Equestria. In Equestria Girls, she is to be known as "Dean Cadance" at Crystal Prep High.

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Pony Version: Princess Cadance


The apperences are a bit different. In pony version, she has pink fur, like Pinkie Pie does, but the mane, and tail colors are whitish yellow, hot pink, and purple. She also has a longer unicorn horn, and purple tipped wings. The cutie mark is a blue crystal heart, with gold decorations on each side of the crystal heart. Also wears a golden necklace, and a purple gem crown, and purple eyes, and golden shoes. In human version, same hair, same eye color, but with a uniform navy blue shirt with sky blue shirt inside, with a terquise skirt, with a gold necklace, and gold shoes (a bit different than pony version), also with a light pink skin.

Eqg dean cadance by xebck-d9aexi4

Human Version: Vice Principal Cadance.

Other InformationEdit

  • In pony version, she lives in Crystal Kingdom of Equestria.
  • In Equestria Girls, she works at Crystal Prep High School, seen in MLP: Equestria Girls 4: The Friendship Games.