LEDs are little different than a filiment bulb. LEDs are special, they are long lasting, to about 24,000hrs. when on 24 hrs. in one day. Today, now there are LED bulbs that replace either CFL (Compact Flourescent Lights) or Incandescent light bulbs in homes or in other buldings. Some cities are also changing the street lights to HID (High Intensity Discharge) lights to LED Street lights that now lighting companies make.


GE (General Electric) Evolve series, model: ERS1 67 watt LED street light.


A Cree Cool White led light.


Phillips Slim style LED bulb (75 watt equivalent)

Used in ElectronicsEdit

LEDs also in verious of colors, red, green, blue, yellow, orange, white (cool white, warm white, and daylight), black light (UV). LEDs are used as indicators in some electronic devices that go into your home or other buildings, or sites.