Fluorescent Tubes, are sometimes Linear or u-tube shaped, and the have a external ballast.

First flourescent lightsEdit

The first ones are pre-heat. Which now vintage. A pre-heat fixture has a pre heat flourescent ballast, and a starter, to start up the light. One of them might get or had defective starters. Starters are gas switch, like Argon, and Neon.

Flourescent BallastsEdit

There are many different types of ballasts, Pre-Heat, Rapid start, and Instant start. Pre-Heat and Rapid start ballasts, can harm the Cathodes of the tube, might worn it out, and the tube will be burned out.

Normal 439-L-TC-P

Magtek magnetic fluorescent Rapid start ballast.

Flourescent Fixtures and tubes still used today.Edit

Over the years, Fourescent lights are still used today! Stores have them, and Hardware stores have them. Every new store built, it has flourescent lights or shop lights.

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