Electric motors are also components, they can be in AC power or in DC power, and some of them are in 3 speed (low, medium, or high), others are in 2 speed (low or high) or one speed.

DC (Direct Current) Electric MotorsEdit

DC electric motors comes from a robot, or rc car, plane, helicoptor, and others are in toy fans.

DC Motor

12VDC electric motor

AC (Alternating Current) Electric MotorsEdit

AC electric motors are found in ceiling fans, HVAC, portable fans, kitchen applances, and your washer and dryer.

AC motors are also found in hybrid automobiles.


115V 3 speed blower electric AC motor.


Ford Escape Hybrid engine equipped with AC motor

How Does It WorkEdit

Electric motors have perminted magnets and coils to move the magnets in order to move, now some motors can go reverse, or foward, in DC power you switch the + and - in order to move to the other way. In a AC motor there are a pair of wires, they are in colored, the black wire is foward, and the red wire is reverse, and it may have a reverse wire, in a muti speed motor.

AC motors usualy plug in and DC motors useualy use a battery