This Meeting will talk about the new wiki thats coming soon. So, ideas have to be made up in order to get the new one, and this one, to shape. Also, there will be more stuff on the new wiki called, CL8902 Technologies Wiki. This Main one will be assoiated with the new wiki, once is done, and created.

So, at the new wiki, will have a link to this one, the main one. Since this one will be assoiated, CL8902 Wikis, will now have a bundlable network and the new wiki, is going to have a chat room like this one, and badges like also this one. This very importaint, so we have to get in tip top shape, once this wiki has been made and or created, and so, the meeting will be in Friday 3:45PST/4:45MST/5:45CST/6:45EST PM (all time zones are listed, where you are.)

Please, be there.

Thank you for reading this board.

CL8902 (Cartoon Lover8902) known as JKA8902 (talk) 22:55, August 19, 2014 (UTC)