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LEGO made Transmission lines, that i am making.

Well, i decided to build different type of Transmission lines in the V style insulator type, so wana see them here is the pic:


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Are these 500kv Transmission Lines?

138kV Transmission Lines

but i am putting them as 12VDC, cause i am making the power distribution a whole new level.

Thats cool! I also make LEGO Power Poles. (Off Topic) Don't know if your interested but did you know there are 46kv and 69kv Distribution Poles?

Here is a 46kv Distribution one of my friends took -

i did not know that they have 46kV Distribution, well here at my place at Texas, its called 69kV sub-Transmission lines. 


And also the Distribution pole lines, are the HO scale 10/22kV as i call it 5VDC with two Crossarms.

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